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Ball games free


Ball games free

Ball games free first game to whrite about is Hanoe

The purpose of the game is to throw as many balls as possible inside the scoring zones,

while the opponent attempts to knock them out so that no points are scored.

If a team fails to hit the scoring zones with any of their balls, their opponent is not required to throw their elimination balls as the first team has scored 0 points.













The player with the most points after 4 rounds wins the match. The match is played to completion even if one team has more points than their opponents can achieve with their remaining balls.


Available on Google play and Appstore. Free download



Ball games free

If you like famous games such as bowling, boule or shuffleboard , then you're going to love this game! Play with several different ball colors and unlock more with in-game currency.


We have taken inspiration from the shuffleboard scoring zones and implemented in our way, turning it 180 degrees so the nearest zone gives two points per ball, and the distant zone: one point per ball. Not so say the least - we've also taken some inspiration from boule, and bowling whereas you have the possibility to knock out your opponents balls from the point zones!


In this ball game you can compete in our multiplayer & singleplayer rankings, in order to show that you are the most skilled player in the Hanoe world.


Hanoe randomizes your opponent upon searching for a game. The game will match you against players around your own skill level. The more you climb, the harder it will get - even against the computer.

In order to play ranked games & compete online you will need to create a game account (takes less than one minute!).



You can buy a ball in another color if you want in the store.


Tell your friends about this game and invite them to private matches.


We hope everyone will enjoy the game, and don't forget to rate the game! :-)